J-2 Dependents

Information for J-2 dependents

Many J-1 exchange visitors come to the United States with their families. The J-2 visa is for a dependent spouse or an unmarried child who is under the age of 21. J-2 status enables dependents to stay in the United States during the J-1 visitor’s program.

J-1 visitors submit information about J-2 dependents during the J-1 application process.

OIS is here to help you

Sometimes a different visa status is more appropriate than the J-2. For example, a dependent may be eligible for other visas if the visit will be brief. A dependent child over the age of 21 is not eligible for J-2 status. The J-1 visitor can consult with us about the best option for his or her dependents.

Funding documentation

J-1 visitors must prove that they have monthly financial support of at least $1,200. The first J-2 dependent must have at least $500 per month in support, and each additional dependent must have at least $300 per month. The J-2 dependent must have financial support for the length of the J-1’s program.

A family of four, for example, would need to show proof of $1,200 per month in support for the J-1 scholar, $500 per month for the spouse, and $300 per month for each child. The total is $2,300 per month, and it must be available for the entire program.

Travel outside the United States

J-2 dependents follow the same travel procedures as J-1 visitors. Regulations require that OIS be notified when J-2 dependents depart the United States. Please contact ois@iu.edu if your J-2 dependents depart the United States.

See the J-1 travel procedures

Remaining here while a J-1 travels

A J-1 visitor must maintain his or her status in order for J-2 dependents to stay in the United States. If the J-1 is out of the country for a significant period of time, this might affect the J-2’s ability to remain in the United States. Contact us for help with your specific situation.