Noon Concert Series


Shuzo Hamada
Originally from Japan, Shuzo Hamada is a cello performance major at the Jacobs School of Music. While he enjoys playing classical music, he's recently discovered a passion for singing and playing alternative genres such as old-time and folk music.


  • Movement from Bach C Major Cello Suite
  • Kaze Wo Atsumete
  • Ue Wo Muite Arukou
  • Ancient Gypsy Tune
  • Old-time Medly
  • Mrs. Mcgrath
  • Cowpoke
  • Sleeping Tune
  • Blackest Crow
  • In a Little Red Barn 

Dark White

Carlor Zhu
Awarding-winning drummer, Zhu has actively involved with several music performances and live shows. He is now very excited and passionate to perform in Bloomington.

Haoyu Wu
A pianist (keyboard player) / singer/ songwriter/ arranger/ lyricist/ multi-instrumentalist. He begins his classical piano studies at age of 3 and now focus strongly on songwriting and music production. He has written more than 20+ original songs, genres including: pop, Rnb, hip-hop, blues, rock, classical and ballad.

Boyan Zhang
Zhang, grew up listening to early 90’s Hip-hop music, Kendrick Lamer, J Cole, Kanye West and Chill Boy became his major influences. Original songwriter and featured rapper of “PAIN”. The song has an enormous success as soon as the song was released on Netease. He believes that, “Hip-hop music makes the world so much diverse. I can just take blues song and mix it with hip-hop and a little bit of RnB, or Jazz maybe. I just play around with it and I love to express myself in Hip-hop.”

Jiacheng Wang
The development of Chen’s unique style is the result of a long term musical influences. Growing up in a talented musical family gives Chen the huge advantage, he was surrounded by different styles of music: Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz.

Xuchang Liu
An saxophone player who started to learn keyboard at 4 years old , practiced piano at 7 years old, but finally found his favorite instrument, saxophone, and been obsessed with the fascination of it until 12 years old. As a freshman who join the band for the first time, he hope to find unique charms hidden in different styles of music and present them to the audience.


  • PAIN (live)
  • Waipo (Grandma) (live)
  • yanyuan (actor)
  • Don't ask (live)
  • Simple twist of fate (live)
  • The red

Yizhou Wen

A senior student from China majoring in the economics who have a great interest on music. I have learned singing for 10 years and learned guitar for one year. After graduating from high school, I started to practice my singing skills with some basic guitar skills. In this concert, there are some Chinese pop songs that I really like, and I hope my audience will enjoy them too. 

MUSINA Chinese Music Performance and Dissemination Association

Celebrate IEW! MUSINA will wow you with their Chinese and jazz song performances.

Band Members: Rui Xi, Wenxuan Wang, Ellen Wang, Xueying Xing, and Peibo Zhang

Individuals: Henry Huang, May Zhang, Zeyu Chang, Qingyun Lin

Dhruv Kapoor is a junior from India majoring finance at the Kelley School of Business and minoring in Music at the Jacobs School of Music. Dhruv enjoys playing and listening to all genres of music and can speak six different languages. He has been playing the acoustic guitar for the past 8 years and has also recently picked up piano and ukulele after taking classes at Jacobs. He will be playing the guitar and singing a couple of bollywood (Hindi) and French pop songs.

  • La Vie Simplement - Mickael Miro
  • Samjhawan - Arijit Singh
  • Tum Hi Ho - Arijit Singh
  • Chahun Main Ya Naa - Arijit Singh
  • Tera Yaar Hoon Main - Arijit Singh
  • Chahun Mai Yaa Na - Arijit Singh
  • Galliyan - Ankit Tiwari
  • Georgia - Vance Joy
  • Game of Thrones Theme Song - HBO TV Show